March 14, 2009

[SOLVED] Android: How to register an Android device without a sim or data plan

"When you start up the phone without a sim card, it goes into a locked screen that says "no sim card found", and you can't even get into the registration app. So the first step is to get around that screen. You have to connect to your phone with adb shell and get root access, and then type the following command:
sqlite3 /data/data/ "INSERT INTO system (name, value) VALUES ('device_provisioned', 1);"

And then reboot the phone. When it starts up again it will go into the registration screen instead of the locked "no sim card" screen.

This assumes that you have the sqlite3 binary on your phone. This binary is provided in RC30 v1.2. Alternatively, you could manually copy the binary to your phone with adb push, or put it on the sdcard and copy it to your phone. I can post a copy of just the sqlite3 binary if needed.


The second step is to enable and configure wifi, so that the registration process can connect to the google servers. In an

adb shell

session, type the following command:

am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n

This doesn't have to have root access to work. It works fine with the "shell" user that adb on non-modded phones runs as.

That command will bring up the settings page on your phone. From there, you can enable wifi and connect to your wifi network, and then proceed with registration as per normal"



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