November 26, 2015

[SOLVED] Gulp. No path specified! Can not get relative

If you getting something like this on image optimization task

    if (!this.path) throw new Error('No path specified! Can not get relative.'

Check if you have files/folders with spaces

$ find  . -type f -name '*.*' | grep " "

Rename the files/folders

try one more time

October 15, 2015

[SOLVED] "The state token is invalid or has expired. Please try again."

If you are getting the "The state token is invalid or has expired. Please try again." while building an Add-on for Google Drive Documents/Sheets with oAuth.

It is possible that your OAuth server just cuts off the part of the state token parameter.

In case of magento just increase the size of oauth callback_url columns from 255 to 512 chars.

ALTER TABLE oauth_consumer MODIFY callback_url VARCHAR(512);
ALTER TABLE oauth_consumer MODIFY rejected_callback_url VARCHAR(512);
ALTER TABLE oauth_token MODIFY callback_url VARCHAR(512);

Or via update script (something like that)

$adapter = $installer->getConnection(); 
$tagsTableName = $installer->getTable('oauth/consumer'); 
$adapter->modifyColumn($tagsTableName, 'callback_url', 'VARCHAR(512)'); 
$adapter->modifyColumn($tagsTableName, 'callback_url', 'VARCHAR(512)'); 
$tagsTableName = $installer->getTable('oauth/token'); 
$adapter->modifyColumn($tagsTableName, 'callback_url', 'VARCHAR(512)'); 

May 3, 2015

T-Shirt: Meditating Android

Just made me a new t-Shirt ;) You can order it on zazzle now.

Inspired by +Anna Piechulla 's post

[SOLVED]U2F Google Authentification (Chrome) with Yubikey under Ubuntu

Just bought this shiny FIDO U2F Security Key and tried out it on my Ubuntu with GMail.

At first time it wont work because one should do following:

Download or create a copy of this file named: 70-u2f.rules into the Linux directory: /etc/udev/rules.d/

now it's working ;)

Amazon: FIDO U2F Security Key