January 6, 2010

[SOLVED] Syntax highlighting CakePHP using Eclipse

  1. Open your Eclipse workspace;

  2. Click on Window | Preferences;

  3. On the Preference Dialog expand the General node on the tree;

  4. Click on Content-Types under General;

  5. On the right panel under Content-Types, expand the Text node;

  6. Select PHP Source under the Text node;

  7. You’ll see the list of files associated on the list below e.g. File-Associations;

  8. Click on the Add button and type the fie extension e.g. *.ctp under file-type;

  9. Click on Ok to add the file-type;

  10. Click on Ok to close the Preference Window;


Syntax highlighting CakePHP using Eclipse « Rio Bautista’s TechLog.

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