January 19, 2010

[SOLVED] Bypassing SSL errors in Thunderbird

If you getting "Secure Connection Failed" on your network calender wich is added via https url.
Set up exceptions by going to:

Tools | Options | Advanced | Certificates | View Certificates | Servers | Add Exception

via Bypassing SSL errors in Thunderbird 2.x on Jay Paroline - Grooveshark Dev.


  1. Fantastic post! My specific issue was getting this error when opening email from an often used employment search site, careerbuilder.com. The trick was to enter the exact url displayed in the error message, which was "92kh307e.emltrk.com:443". The certificate which Thunderbird picked up [when you click on 'get certificate'] matched the one I could view via the error message box, and the problem is now gone. Thanks again for this tip.

  2. great. see ssl images in thunderbird mails