September 12, 2010

[SOLVED] Use github repository under windows with tortoisegit

Generate public and private ssh keys:

Just open "putty key generator" and generate (1) your key by moving your mouse on the surface.
Than wite some comment(2) and secure it with random passphrase (3).
Than save public and private key part on your file system.

Copy ssh-rsa key from "Public key for parsing into OpenSSH authorised_keys file:"- text field (you will need it for the next step)

Adding the key to your GitHub account:

Use this  tutorial

Use Pageant for auto authorisation:

If you dont want to put every time your ssh key password use Pageant. Just start it and add your private key

Get GitHub repository url:

Goto to desired project and copy git url from it:
For example: on it will be ""

Clone aka "Check Out" the repository:

Now create a folder on your PC and hit right mouse button on it - choose "Git Clone..."

In next dialog put the URL of git repository and choose path to your private github key you generated before.

Now push "OK" and enjoy the ride

Voilà ;)