September 24, 2009

[SOLVED]Disable Debug Output for Ajax in CakePHP


class AppController extends Controller {

var $components = array('RequestHandler');

var $helpers = array('Html','Form','Ajax');

function beforeFilter() {

if ( $this->RequestHandler->isAjax() ) {






September 23, 2009

[SOLVED]How to use the “sysout” snippet in Eclipse with selected text?

"The sysout template acts upon entire Java statements.

1. Highlight a statement in the editor.

2. Hit CTRL-SPACE (or whatever you have set up for content assist.)

3. Type sysout then hit enter. Note that when you're typing sysout it will temporarily overwrite your statement (but it will come back wrapped by System.out.println when you hit enter.)"

September 15, 2009

[SOLVED]Way to install games & applications on your samsung star

"1. First download a java game compatible for your phone.

2.Create a jad file using JADMaker (Download JadMaker from games & software section).

3.Just drag and drop your .jar file and the jad maker will automatically make the .jad file.

4. Connect the phone to PC and start "Samsung New PC Studio". Open the File browser and go to "External Memory". Create a directory there e.g games

5.Then copy the .jar and .jad files into that folder.

6.Disconnect the phone from PC now.

7.Go to Menu -> Browse -> Enter URL

Type ->

8.Browse down and you will see "Quick Download". Click it. Then enter quick download code as 51799 . Download and install it. Exit from browser.

9.Go to Menu -> Applications -> Games and more -> LiteFTP

10.You will be in LiteFTP menu

Select Mmc (Memory card) and click OK.

11.You should be able to see the folders in memory card. Select games folder (dont enter it) and press "123" button. Then press "1" (This will copy the game folder). Select "Back". You should be back in "root" directory.

12.In root directory you will see a folder with "dont enter" symbol named "My PrivateMy PhotoMy Video .......". Select it and press OK to enter it.

13.There will be nothing in the folder. Now paste the game folder. So press "3" to paste.

Exit the LiteFTP.

14. Open "Keypad" and type "*#6984125*#" (Without quotes)

This will automatically open "Admin setting"

Select "4 Internals" and enter "*#9072641*#" (without quotes). And confirm. This will take you to "Internals" menu. Select "6 Storage settings".

15. Select "2 Update media database"

then select "3 Update Java DB"

then select "10 Create Ax Dat File"

Exit from all those menus.

16.Now go to Menu -> Applications -> "Games and more" You should be able to see new icon "LiteFTP/files/Erix". Rename it if you want to. Then start the game."

September 9, 2009

[SOLVED]I cant get any of these chm files to open.



September 3, 2009

[SOLVED] Use Firefox location bar as search box

"By default in Firefox you can type one or more keywords in the location bar. Firefox recognizes that it is not an URL and uses I'm Lucky search with Google search engine for version < 2; it uses Google search by name for Firefox version 2 and above. Here is how you can change it.

1. Type about:config in the location bar and press Enter.

2. Type keyword.URL in filter and double-click on the displayed line. You will note that the default value is something like:

3. Change it to the query string of another search engine of your choice. For example if you want to use our blog results for your default search then you should replace it with:

5. Hit OK and close the browser tab.

You are done. Now you can use your favorite search engine to search using your location bar, instead of Google."

[SOLVED] Mozilla Thunderbird exceeded maximum number of connections to IMAP server

"When looking at emails in several IMAP folders one after the other in Mozilla Thunderbird, I got the following error message and was unable to view that folder and the emails in it.

Unable to connect to your IMAP server. You may have exceeded the maximum number of connections to this server. If so, use the Advanced IMAP Server Settings dialog to reduce the number of cached connections.

You may have exceeded the maximum number of connections to this server

This is normally due to the configuration of the IMAP server (such as Courier-IMAP) which may be configured to only allow a certain number of connections per IP address. Fortunately you can usually solve the issue in Thunderbird by changing the number of cached connections in the advanced settings.

From the menu, select "Tools" and then "Account Settings". This looks similar to the screenshot below:

mozilla thunderbird account settings

Next, select "Server Settings" under the appropriate account (at the very least you'll have one account, plus the local folders), and click the "Advanced" button, as shown in the screenshot above. This will show a new configuration dialog like the one show in the screenshot below:

setting the maximum number of server connections to cache

To fix the problem, change the "Maximum number of server connections to cache" value. The default setting is 5. Changing it to 3 or less worked for me, but setting it to 1 should work in all cases and make the error go away."