September 15, 2009

[SOLVED]Way to install games & applications on your samsung star

"1. First download a java game compatible for your phone.

2.Create a jad file using JADMaker (Download JadMaker from games & software section).

3.Just drag and drop your .jar file and the jad maker will automatically make the .jad file.

4. Connect the phone to PC and start "Samsung New PC Studio". Open the File browser and go to "External Memory". Create a directory there e.g games

5.Then copy the .jar and .jad files into that folder.

6.Disconnect the phone from PC now.

7.Go to Menu -> Browse -> Enter URL

Type ->

8.Browse down and you will see "Quick Download". Click it. Then enter quick download code as 51799 . Download and install it. Exit from browser.

9.Go to Menu -> Applications -> Games and more -> LiteFTP

10.You will be in LiteFTP menu

Select Mmc (Memory card) and click OK.

11.You should be able to see the folders in memory card. Select games folder (dont enter it) and press "123" button. Then press "1" (This will copy the game folder). Select "Back". You should be back in "root" directory.

12.In root directory you will see a folder with "dont enter" symbol named "My PrivateMy PhotoMy Video .......". Select it and press OK to enter it.

13.There will be nothing in the folder. Now paste the game folder. So press "3" to paste.

Exit the LiteFTP.

14. Open "Keypad" and type "*#6984125*#" (Without quotes)

This will automatically open "Admin setting"

Select "4 Internals" and enter "*#9072641*#" (without quotes). And confirm. This will take you to "Internals" menu. Select "6 Storage settings".

15. Select "2 Update media database"

then select "3 Update Java DB"

then select "10 Create Ax Dat File"

Exit from all those menus.

16.Now go to Menu -> Applications -> "Games and more" You should be able to see new icon "LiteFTP/files/Erix". Rename it if you want to. Then start the game."


  1. I am not able to download the Light FTP. From the it is saying the invliad code.

    I tried to download liteftp from some other site. but this is not working on samsung star.

    Please help me to point the liteftp jar to work with Samsung Star

  2. Hi amol i got new trick to install games samsung star. just go to ( ) and download named ( install games in mmc ) now you have ALPESH.html file . put this file in mmc any folder . now your ****.jar named game rename to (ALPESH) but don't forget the ALPESH.html and your jar file in same folder. now touch the ALPESH.html and click on install. now your game was installed. any problem inform me. my email .