March 20, 2009

InnoSetup - exclude files

"Specifies a list of patterns to exclude, separated by commas. This parameter cannot be combined with the external flag.

Patterns may include wildcard characters ("*" and "?"). Note that unlike the Source parameter, a simple Unix-style pattern matching routine is used for Excludes. Dots in the pattern are always significant, thus "*.*" will not exclude a file with no extension (instead, use just "*"). Also, question marks always match exactly one character, thus "?????" will not exclude files with names less than five characters long.

If a pattern starts with a backslash ("") it is matched against the start of a path name, otherwise it is matched against the end of a path name. Thus "foo" will only exclude a file named "foo" at the base of the tree. On the other hand, "foo" will exclude any file named "foo" anywhere in the tree.

The patterns may include backslashes. "foobar" will exclude both "foobar" and "subdirfoobar". "foobar" will only exclude "foobar".

Source: "*"; Excludes: "*.~*"
Source: "*"; Excludes: "*.~*,Temp*"; Flags: recursesubdirs

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