July 23, 2013

[SOLVED]How do I make Ubuntu appear as a bluetooth keyboard?

a compact version (essentially the same procedure – this worked better for me):

  1. Install libbluetooth-dev Install libbluetooth-dev.

  2. Download hidclient source code for Ubuntu. (Check the official page to make sure that's not out of date.) Put it in a folder by itself and extract its contents.

  3. Type make and press Enter to compile the source.

  4. Back up and edit your Bluetooth configuration:
    • sudo cp /etc/bluetooth/main.conf /etc/bluetooth/main.conf.old
    • gksu gedit /etc/bluetooth/main.conf
    • Under #DisablePlugins = network,input add the line DisablePlugins = input (no #).
    • Add a # to the beginning of Class = 0x000100; under it, write Class=0x000540 (no #).
    • Save the file and quit the text editor.

  5. If you want to be able to run hidclient like a normal command:
    • Run sudo cp hidclient /usr/local/bin.
    • Check if /usr/local/bin is in your path with echo $PATH.
    • If it's not, add it with any of these methods.
    If you skip this step, you can run hidclient by making sure you're in the directory where you compiled it, and running ./hidclient instead of hidclient.

Running hidclient

Run hidclient --help (or see the bottom of the web page) to see how to use it.

Except when run with the --help flag, hidclient must be run as root. So use sudo hidclient(followed by whatever options you're specifying, as explained in the help).

Basically, there's two steps:

  1. Run sudo hidclient -l for a numbered list of devices.

  2. Run sudo hidclient -eN -x, replacing N with the number of the device you want to "forward" over Bluetooth. In your case, this will be the keyboard.

You're all set. Tell your mobile device (iPad) to use a Bluetooth keyboard.

Terminating hidclient

The last thing you need to be able to do is to stop using the keyboard for Bluetooth input. See, whenhidclient is running, the device you select is no longer giving input to your Ubuntu system. If it were anything but the keyboard (say, the mouse), you could quit hidclient by pressing Ctrl+C in the Terminal.

But you cannot do that, because keyboard input won't go to the Terminal or any other Ubuntu program. The keyboard is acting as a Bluetooth device!

So, when "forwarding" the keyboard, quit hidclient by closing the Terminal window (or tab) in which it's running, with the mouse (or trackpad).

  • Of course, if your Ubuntu machine has multiple keyboards, you could "forward" one as a Bluetooth device and continue to use the other on your computer.


Source: http://askubuntu.com/a/233848/65087


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