November 14, 2010

GTUG Bootcamp 2010 in Munich

Here yo will get small overview of  "GTUG Bootcamp 2010 in Munich". You can also go directly to picasa gallery to comment pictures there ;)

Stuttgart GTUG [@StuGTUG] goes GTUG BootCamp in Munich #gtugbc

Jepp, here we are.

German ICE Train and Stuttgart GTUG orga team

This is the location

Got my WiFi acces and BootCamp T-Shirt.

Logo by [@aygul], fun code on the back by me [@russenreaktor] and Markus [@mknittig].

Drinks and Snacks - thanks to sponsors.

The IT-Croud ;)

Stuttgart GTUG is co-organizers. Doing coaching abput how to pich a project.

#1: Super Star Trek on Google App Engine - Porting old Starship game on BASIC to GAE.

#2: Cool Android Libs - Write some libraries for Android developers which may be useful for many projects, e.g. caching, fast list views (+ image loading), view flippers etc.

Every project is documented in the wave...

...we need time to put in in da wave.

#3: Zyklopia - Live video streaming and live public video streaming

#10: City Bike Vienna - @rcknr

#13 Andruno Project - Realtime controling of RGB LED stripe over Internet

no idea which way to go ;). Upstairs or downstairs?

Wave madness

Public wave goes crazy ;) (you see my project pitch - Google Health API App)

Müsli in da box - sponsored by

Nice idea to put these in da box []

They have schoko too ;) []

Project rooms - each desk had 2 power sockets.


It's too much for humble programmers ;) - thanks to sponsors and to orga team ;)

Somebody put this poster on the toilet room ;)

You see this sign in toilet room - I can't translate it ;) something about urinate while standing.

@blinkendroid team working

Presenting the results

"Log me in Scotty!"

Here you can play console game on GAE

I dont see any torpedos ;) - but they are there ;)

coolandroidlib presentation

coolandroidlib presentation

coolandroidlib presentation

coolandroidlib presentation

coolandroidlib presentation

vienna city bike presentation

vienna city bike presentation

vienna city bike presentation

Packing List presentation. It was his first try to develop something ;)

Packing List presentation - it works!

Techism presentation - GAE project

Techism presentation - GAE project

Animate (NDK) - Native animate port to android using NDK and plasma application

Animate (NDK) - this is how it works on linux

Animate (NDK) - staring the port on android

Animate (NDK) - tada! It works!

@teleporter team

@teleporter team

Project Butterfly Project - Collecting and editing geopoint data with pictures and structered data

Next project - jumpstart (sleep patterns tracking)

Next project - jumpstart (sleep patterns tracking)

My hotel "A&O München Hackerbrücke" - veery convinient ;)

Actually we've booked 2 bed room ;)

On GTUG BootCamp we got demo of TOSHIBA's AC100 Android netbook

TOSHIBA AC100: Very small and with nVidia Tegra 2 chipset - no touch screen :(

TOSHIBA AC100: keyboard

TOSHIBA AC100: Sockets to the right

TOSHIBA AC100: Sockets to the left


TOSHIBA AC100: Specs

The Hackerbrücke ;)

Second day - the googlers in da haus!

Nils Hitze [@kojote] greets everybody

Roman Nurik @romannurik

Paul Kinlan @Paul_Kinlan

Michael Mahemoff @mahemoff

Serhiy [@rcknr] from GTUG Kyiv West & Roman Nurik [@romannurik] from Google ;)

You can freely talk with the googlers and discuss your project problems.

Wishes for Android Applications by Dan Galpin aka the NDK guy

Nick Butcher [@crafty] - sharing his thoughts about android

Justin Mattson [@cyngus] is sharing his thoughts about intents

I am making "clever" questions about intents in android ;). Photo taken by @stephliu (

I am presenting my GoogleHealth Widget. 78,7 kg - it's alivee! Photo taken by @stephliu (

Just got an plush android for my project ;))). Juuuupiii it is second one ;)

It is complicate to misunderstand this sign ;)

still programming

End of story ;). Last picture - these are the participants of GTUG BootCamp in Munic and googlers ;). Photo taken by @stephliu (

They have own Hacker bridge in Munich ;))

Munich beer at Augustiner Bräustuben.

I don't remember the name oth this chicken ;). Augustiner Bräustuben -

Last meal before the Google Developer Day 2010 DE. We have only 5 hours to sleep.. ..Augustiner Bräustuben -

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