August 26, 2009

automatic ad-hoc in vista

"this guide helps you to share your dsl/cable internet connection without a need of a wireless router using only a windows vista laptop that has a wifi adhoc capabilities

1st: go to control panel and hit on networking. click on manage connections and setup a new wifi adhoc network and for example we'll name it "wireless"

2nd: after your name the network profile its for you to have it secure or not.

3rd:save your network

4th: go to task scheduler and create a task name it as 'automatic adhoc'

5th: the program you need to run is called netsh.exe(you can find this at c:/windows/system32/)and add this following

command "wlan connect name=profilename" without the quotes ok. change the profilename into wireless

6th: do not start in windows startup but choose to start it in windows logon

7th: now you're good to go. everytime you turn on your laptop you can share it in you neighborhood"

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